Angry Gran 2 for Android – Game Angry Gran 2

Introducing Game: Angry Gran 2 for Android – Game Angry Gran 2

Publisher: Ace Viral
Usage: Free
Requirements: Android 4.0.3 and above

* Angry Gran 2 is an action game in the “Angry Granny” game series that is loved by Ace Viral. You will play an extremely angry old woman and beat all the people on the road (except the police) to rob their money.

* Game Angry Gran 2 has a mix of action, role-playing and adventure. You will play an old woman named Grandy extremely hot. She often “hard to stay”, ie blood boiling and carrying sticks to the road to hit the passersby.

* The characters in each level are extremely varied. The salesmen are low and small, the mummies bandaged around, bears, police, her age, old man … You can beat anyone, except the police. Of course, you may not be able to pass them by, just the amount of money you earn.

* Grandy’s grandmother will walk on the road at a certain distance and be forced to collect enough money according to the level. In the early game, the speed of the old lady is slow, so the ability to hit other people higher and get more money. But as time goes by, the faster she goes, the faster the end of the journey, the higher the chance of slipping, so the player needs to be extremely focused and responsive.

* At the end of a level, Mrs. Grandy will return home, use the money earned to upgrade, buy the necessary things. For example, she can buy more power to attack faster, buy Discount to reduce the amount of money you have to earn before reaching the destination, or buy Recovery to recover faster if you accidentally hit self.

* When you enter the game, you will be selected to play quickly by clicking the Quick Play button or freely select the game mode. Angry Gran 2 has three game modes: Normal, Zombie and classic. In normal mode, you will be sent to many cities in the world, Zombie mode is to kill all zombies to complete the game, the classic mode is quite similar to click on play Quick play.

* The game also has a rating system and likes. Try to get as many achievements as possible and climb to the top of the rankings. In addition, every day, players will be given a lucky turn to receive free coins. The game can be played offline, so it is best to turn off the network when playing to avoid annoying uploads, while saving data.

Download Game:

You can download this game on Google store with keyword: Angry Gran 2

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