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Classic Pikachu 95 for Android – Classic Pikachu 95 for phones

Classic Pikachu 95 for Android – Classic Pikachu 95 for phones

Publisher: JSFStudio
Usage: Free
Requirements: Android 4.0.3 and above

* Game Pikachu is a popular intellectual game popular on most computers of the 8x generation, the first 9x. If you ever get tired of playing this game, relive those moments in Classic Pikachu 95 right on your smartphone.

* To give players the same feel the old days, the Classic Pikachu 95 for Android retains almost the whole gameplay as well as images of the original version on the computer, there is the image quality is clearer. , enhances the player experience.

* The player’s job is to find the same pairs of Pikachu figures appearing on the screen and connect them together in three straight lines. Each game has a limited time, so players must be careful. This is an offline game so this is the perfect choice for you to entertain or kill time at all times.

* In addition to classic graphics with cute Pikachu, the game also has features such as original version such as rating, hint, sound off … Generally, Pikachu Classical 95 for Android is version The most original, completely restored original and gives you the feeling of playing the same game in childhood.

* Highlights of the game Pikachu Classic 95 for Android

– Classic graphics and play.

– Hundreds of new levels for you to conquer.

Download Game:

You can download this game on CHPlay with keyword: Classic Pikachu 95 

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