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Heroes Arena for Android – Free MOBA Game on your mobile

Heroes Arena for Android – Free MOBA Game on your mobile

Publisher: uCool
Usage: Free
Requirements: Android 4.0.x and above

* Heroes Arena for Android is a 5-player, 5-player MOBA, released by uCool. Heroes Arena for Android attracts players by unique skill systems and a series of DOTA-style generals.

* Highlights of free MOBA game

  • ** Fast and fair ESPORT

– Fast mix, low latency, fair gameplay, emphasis on fast speed and fun battles

– Never pay to win, to become or to lose depending on the player’s tactics and tactics

  • ** MOBA classic game for mobile

– The classic MOBA game experience has a global multiplayer “multiplayer” gameplay where multiple players from the same area automatically join your team.

– Simple controls, eye-catching interface design, easy-to-use MOBA combat action on the mobile screen, and full control of the hero for the player.

Advanced controls like pre-battle presets, including Fast Buy, Leadership, Rune and much more so that your heroes gain more competitive advantage over other teams.

– No need to go back to the headquarters to buy equipment, buy them in the middle of the battle and make the enemy surprised by the strength of your strength.

– Fast automatic translation feature that allows your team to cooperate and up tactics without having to stop the fight for typing

– Automatically roll back and save the battle to help users focus on fighting, then re-evaluate and share their glorious victory with others through their favorite streams.

  • ** Heroes and moves are completely new

– Heroes Arena for Android has 20 unique heroes with exceptionally powerful abilities and animated vivid abilities

– 5 special hero abilities including Hero Ultimate and 3 leadership abilities
Control 6 distinct heroes like killer, shaman, sniper, rescue, tank and warrior

– Try out different skin types to bring unique look to heroes and gain superiority in battle

– Launched heroes and new skins every month

  • ** 24/7 support

If you have any problems, you can send a message to our in-game support team or email: vip@ucool.com.

* Changes in the new free action game Heroes Arena for Android

  • ** Improved graphics:

– Refreshingly beautiful UI

– 5v5 brand new scene

  • ** New feature:

– Add new skin for 4 heroes: Metal Storm Skin-Carin, Long Vacation Skin-Harker, Midsummer Night Skin-Maverette and Midnight Skin -Bandina

  • ** Improve:

– Upgrade your battle experience to make the fight more interesting

– Fixed many other bug bugs

Download Game:

You can download this Game in CHPlay with keyword: Heroes Arena for Android

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