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Honkai Impact 3 for Android – Japanese action game

Honkai Impact 3 for Android – Japanese action game

Publisher: miHoYo
Usage: Free
Size: 2.3 GB
Requirements: Android 4.3 and above

* Honkai Impact 3 has the original name of Ice Age 3, a super-action action game boldly Japanese, with a virtual theme developed by miHoYo. With its Japanese-inspired graphic design, the modern fighting mechanism promises to bring players an extremely engaging battle.

* Special features in action game Honkai Impact 3 for Android

– Experience the action role-playing Japanese characters.

– Control your character as you like, rotate the camera 360 degrees.

– The system changes day and night, the weather changes to beautiful scenery.

– Mix in the dramatic battle with combo skill system.

– Energize your own tactics.

– Weapons range from double guns, Tachi, cannons, pistols …

– Combining the skills of the equipment creates new ways of playing.

– Extremely diverse character system, able to recruit adorable girls.

– Enhance, enhance skills, evolve weapons to enhance the force.

– The story is rich, the theme of transcend diversity.

* New feature in Honkai Impact 3 – Sakura Reincarnation

  • ** New character: Yae Sakura

In the Sakura Samurai update, Yae Sakura joins the party in the form of Soul Awakening:

 – Valkyrie level A “Yaezakura” is a biological melee goddess, through enemy marking, removing markings of damage.

 – Valkyrie level S “Gokamiso” is a robotic melee with a robotic attribute, a kinetic energy throwing that launches medium distance range attacks, and a freezing attack.

  • ** New Story: Open World “Sakura Rebellion”

 – Open the scene full of cherry blossoms, mark the inevitable cycle of reincarnation of Yae Sakura. This time, the captain in person will change her destiny. The new comic “Sakura Reincarnation” appears in the form of Open World, in a grandiose context, with many attractive features.

  • ** Strengthening weapons, expanding armies

– This update has the appearance of a new character, so there are also two additional weapons for Yae Sakura are: Linh Dao · Cherry Snow, Magnetic Linh · Ice Heaven. In addition, players will have the opportunity to experience more new weapons, holy sticks are quite interesting.

Download Game:

You can download this game in CHPlay with keyword: Honkai Impact 3

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