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JuiceDefender for Android – Powerful battery saver for Android

Introducing App: JuiceDefender for Android – Powerful battery saver for Android

Publisher: Latedroid
Usage: Free
Requirements: Android 1.5 and up

* JuiceDefender – Battery Saver is a powerful but easy-to-use battery management application, specially designed to extend battery life for Android devices. With smart features, this application automatically manages the most used components, such as 3G, 4G and wifi.

* With JuiceDefender – Battery Saver, users will be able to easily manage Mobile Data, WiFi and CPU speeds, keep the battery level within reach (such as disconnecting when battery life is low), scheduling Sync frequently, activate or disconnect some applications, automatically turn on / off wifi depending on the current location and other features.

* Main function:

– 5 predefined profiles (from default to fully customizable).

– Simple and intuitive user interface.

– Widget Battery on home screen.

– Automatically adjust cellular data.

– Automatically adjust 3G network connection, 4G.

– Automatically adjust Wifi network + automatic selection of interrupt.

– Wi-Fi network management – WiFi Control – location-based (for example, wifi only at home / work, interruptions elsewhere).

– Schedule regular, night time / peak time, week days / weekends.

– Connection management for some applications using Interactive Training.

– Intelligent brightness management.

– Manage bluetooth with Automatic Reconnect.

– Full activity record.

– All free.

* JuiceDefender updated version:

– Added “keep enabled” for each network.

– Add custom management for each application.

– Improved user management, revision of widgets.

– Added Bluetooth enable / connect functionality in QuickBox.

– Improved tablet support / Honeycomb.

– Better keyboard management in calls.

– Discard read access.

– Customizable user interface.

Download Apps:

You can download this app on Google store (CHPlay) with keyword: JuiceDefender for Android

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