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Merge Dragons for Android – Adventure game in the dragon kingdom

Introducing Game: Merge Dragons for Android – Adventure game in the dragon kingdom

Publisher: Gram Games
Usage: Free
Requirements: Android 4.1 and above

* Merge Dragons takes players to the fairytale where the dragon lives. Your task is to solve puzzles to restore Dragon Dragonia Valley and set up camp to feed the cute dragons.

Join the adventure game Merge Dragons, players will be exploring the legendary dragon, magic, mission and the mysterious dragon land. Here, you can combine everything to create something better.

Combine the eggs to hatch the baby dragon, then develop them to evolve into stronger dragons. Challenge the challenging puzzle levels, combine the Gaia statues to win, then bring rewards back to your camp to collect and develop.

* Highlights of the game Merge Dragons for Android

– Discover over 500 objects to combine and interact.

– Freedom to pull objects around the beautiful world and combine 3 types together to develop them into better things.

– Incorporate anything including plants, buildings, coins, treasures, fallen stars, magical items, mythical creatures and more.

– Combine Life Essense and click it to unleash the healing power of the valley.

– Discover the statue of Gaia trapped in the cursed land. Combine them to solve puzzles and create life.

– Collect new dragon species.

– Discover 17 dragons that live in caves and develop them through 8 stages of development to evolve into new dragons.

– Combine the eggs to hatch the dragon to benefit. They will wander to harvest things for you to use or combine.

– The challenge screen

– More than 600 challenges challenge players.

– Test your puzzle skills through over 140 difficulty levels with new missions and rewards, helping you build your dragon camp.

– Discover the fun quiz tour, you will go through the road with the evil Zomblins. Be careful and careful.

* New feature

– Kala opened the new Premium Daily store. She will sell high-end items every day, including the chance to discover a dragon you have never seen before.

– Players can now rename their dragons through the Dragon Book.

– Life Dragons now have 2 floors. After you combine 3 Level 4 Life Dragon, you will have the Afterlife Dragon Egg Nest.

– The new Nature Dragon is available for players with over 600 stars.

– Merge Options to combine farm products. You can find them in Settings.

Download Game: Merge Dragons for Android – Adventure game in the dragon kingdom

You can download this Game on Google store with keyword: Merge Dragons

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