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Super beast war for Android – Android is a super hot game for Android

Super beast war for Android – Android is a super hot game for Android

Publisher: Seacow
Usage: Free
Size: 93.2 MB
Requirements: Android 4.0 and above

PokéVs is a totally free strategy role-playing game, supporting both Android and iOS platforms. The place that allows players to gather, train super-beasts becomes stronger than ever.

* Special features in the game Pokemon Super Fight for Android

– Wake up Pokemon

The Great War Pokemon brings the Pokemon to a very exciting Pokemon. This is a feature that nurtures Pokemon from egg to maturity. You can awaken very special Pokemon Mewtwo.

– Battle of the Pokémon

Pokémon battle stats are based on Pokemon stats, which is a measure of the strength of each Pokemon. Force information includes:

  •  – Grade Point: This is an important factor that determines the Pokemon’s ability to evolve.
  •  – Individual score: The maximum score is 186, randomly assigned to 6 attributes. Pokemon can be used to change this point.
  •  – Point of Effort: The original score is 0, which is mainly raised later, freely distributed into 6 attributes. Can collect Pokemon in exchange for points.
  •  – Level Pet: Each level will gain 1 level.
  • Intimate Level: Pokemon’s level of intimacy.

– Pokémon badge

The badge is one of the most sacred certificates, marking the never-ending mark on every coach’s journey. There are 8 badges of level 1 and 8 badges of level 2.

– Shop Pokemon

A place to trade, exchange items necessary for the journey to recover Pokemon. The following Shop types: Pro Shop Shop, Friendly Shop, Mystery Shop, Alliance Shop and Global Shop.

– Mission system

  •   – Mission: It is a series of missions to help players get off to a good start. As well as getting more physical and ruby ​​of the month card.
  •  – Mission accomplished: is the task to achieve the designation will be rewarded once.
  •  – Reward Privilege: A quest that requires a Pokemon to be rewarded.

– Study Pokemon

It is a way of using items obtained from the buffalo, to upgrade the research for Pokemon. Increasing the level of research will increase the Pokemon’s stats. Upgrading the study will cost raw materials and gold.

– Training Pokemon

Training is a feature that calls for support from other coaches to help. Pokemon adds: Experience, intimacy, effort.

Download Game:

You can download this game in CHPlay with keyword: Super beast war for Android

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