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YouCam Makeup for Android – Try makeup and photo processing on Android

YouCam Makeup for Android – Try makeup and photo processing on Android

Publisher: CyberLink
Usage: Free
Requirements: Android

* YouCam Makeup is a perfect makeup application for women. With improved facial recognition technology, YouCam Makeup will help you to have an angelic face in a blink of an eye.

* New features on YouCam Makeup

– Add more accessories to use for portraits.

– Change skin tone to fit the context.

– Take close-up photos with full-length makeup video

* Some of the highlights of YouCam Makeup for Android

1. Helps the user own a smooth, flawless skin

– Change your skin tone, make you whiter, or have a healthy tan.

– Use virtual brushes, make faces look smooth, hide the blemishes on the face, bring a beautiful natural face without the need to rely on complex makeup tips.

– Skin color change tool helps to remove the traces of a tired skin.

– Remove freckles, boils, help users become confident with their photos.

– Advanced tool to edit nose contours, transforms faces become more elegant.

– Fix the angles on the face.

2. Make eye makeup, create unique highlights for the face

– Intelligent tool in YouCam Makeup has the ability to remove red eye, brighten the darkness of the eye or even help the user own a big round eyes.

– Allows you to experiment with different eye tones until you get the results you want.

– Supports a variety of eyeliner variations, bringing a variety of makeup styles to women.

– The mascara tool helps to adjust the thickness and length of the eyelashes.

3. Luscious lips

– Users can choose from a variety of lipsticks, from lip gloss, lipstick, lipstick to nude lipstick, sure they will find one.
The pattern matches his makeup style.

– Whitening tool, help your smile shine brightly in the picture.

4. Real-time skin effect

– YouCam Makeup supports auto-image-enhancement tools, which help you to create self-pinging images.

– The technology of skin beauty directly to smooth, giving the user a perfect skin even without makeup.

– Allows users to preview 14 different beauty styles to choose the right style for themselves before taking pictures.

5. Provide useful makeup tips

– YouCam Makeup offers you the latest makeup tips, from facial makeup, to nail painting, to hair or skin care.

– Watch video tutorials from experts around the world.

Download Apps:

You can download this apps on CHplay with keyword: YouCam Makeup for Android

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