Block Fortress for Android – Minecraft game builder

Introducing Game: Block Fortress for Android – Minecraft game builder

Released: Foursaken Media
Usage: Charge
Limit: $ 2
Requirements: Android 4.0.3 and above

* Block Fortress is the first person shooter combined with fortress construction. The game is designed in Minecraft-like cubic graphics, combining an engaging gameplay experience to deliver the ultimate experience.

* The game has a unique square-shaped graphics like Minecraft. Color images in the game fresh, sharp, harmonious. The effect of shooting bullets, weather, light is extremely beautiful, true create experience can not be better.

* Highlights of Block Fortress for Android

– Game is a unique mix between player TD (Tower Defense) and first person shooter (FPS).

– Freedom to build your base in any way, from the high fortress to the magnificent castle.

– Customize your cubes, weapons and equipment using giant crafting systems.

– Collaborate with friends in 2 player mode.

– Accompany your wall with over 30 different building blocks.

– Defend your base with 16 advanced turrets.

– Upgrade your avatar with tons of weapons and equipment.

– Numerous cubes, including generators, submersible bombs, earthmoving machines, headlights, teleporters and more.

– Day and night cycles: Build lights and headlights to prepare for harsh nights.

– Some game modes, including the “free build” sandbox mode and vast survival mode.

– 6 different terrain types for players to conquer.

– Upload and share your creations.

Download Game Block Fortress for Android:

You can buy and download this game on Google store with keyword: Block Fortress

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