Board Kings for Android – An interesting chess-board game

Introducing Game: Board Kings for Android – An interesting chess-board game

Publisher: Jelly Button Games
Usage: Free
Requirements: Android 4.0.3 and above

* Welcome to Board Kings, a city-style chess game. Build your city, defend it from unwelcome guests and grow in prosperity, and attack and destroy the city of other players.

* The Kings Board is a fun board game for many players. The game is a product of Jelly Button, a well-known developer who is the father of the pirate king pirate game. Game Board Kings combines features from classic board games that everyone knows and for those who love funny graphics, lovely.

* Game to shake the dice to move and earn gold in each passing cell. After that, you use the money to build your own city. The task of the player is to roll the dice, move your character around the board in the amount of dice you throw, collect coins and build buildings, creating a thriving city. In addition, players have the opportunity to win extra bonuses when you set foot on a special brick and collect the free card enhancement.

* On the chessboard, you will encounter many different buildings and each building will have its own function. There are 4 works mainly gem bank, gold warehouse, photo headquarters and station. When you arrive at the gem bank or gold warehouse, you will receive a number of games and gold depending on the population density in the city. The police headquarters help you tighten security and fine the thieves to visit your city. The terminal allows players to move to other cities and proceed to loot other players. This game is quite similar to the Pirate Kings game.

* Highlights of Board Kings game for Android

– Visiting others’ cities and destroying, looting

– Protect your city

– Lots of different cities and topics are waiting for you to unlock

Download Game:

You can download this game on Google store with keyword: Board Kings

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