CARS Speed ​​Racing for Android – Extreme high speed racing game

Introducing Game: CARS Speed ​​Racing for Android – Extreme high speed racing game

Publisher: Azur Interactive Games
Usage: Free
Requirements: Android 4.1 and above

* CARS Speed ​​Racing is an online drift racing game with gorgeous graphics. In the game, you will compete for speed and points with other players, defeating all opponents on the global online rankings.

* CARS Speed ​​Racing is a speed game with perfect physics drifting. Join the game, players will be a professional racer, enter the speed race online with many others around the world, make spectacular drift, burning tires piled on the track.

* Players have two options to step into the car drift fiery competition with rivals or race against time in Time Attack mode. The ultimate goal is to beat all the other racers in the global online rankings.

* Highlights of CARS Speed ​​Racing:

– Betting Modes
Race against other opponents, place in the game for your victory or the competition on time.

– The actual physical drift phase
Simulate realistic racing, burn the track with spectacular drift.

– Rent a car
No need to buy a car to race, you can rent a supercar and pick the car you like best.

– A team of 25 super-detailed cars
In the game, you will see a large garage with 25 super cars of different brands such as BMW i8, Porsche, Ferrari … Choose the fastest car, best.

– 1080p HD Graphics
Sports cars and maps are designed to be super detailed.

– Customizable graphics for weak devices
Does your phone have a low profile? Choose the right graphics for the best gaming experience.

– Global rankings
Fight for the top spot in the global rankings, leading in front of other rivals.

* New feature:

– New game mode: Contracts

– Change bank look and track options.

– Opportunity to reduce the time to upgrade.

– Every 6 hours, you will receive a free classic race.

– Add a new color to the car.

– Some car coloring can be applied free of charge.

– Dramatically improved Docks and Serpentine graphics.

– Reduce the size of large cars, make racing better.

– General optimization and patching.

Download Game CARS Speed ​​Racing for Android – Extreme high speed racing game

You can download this game on Google store with keyword: CARS Speed ​​Racing

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