Classic Snake for Android – Classic snake game

Introducing Game: Classic Snake for Android – Classic snake game classic

Publisher: GameHos
Usage: Free
Requirements: Android 4.0 and above

* Classic Snake is an interesting snake game on the phone. This game is designed in the same classic style as the original, giving you a great experience.

* Classic Snake has the same gameplay and graphics as the Snake game, which has a “stormy” time in the gaming community. Your task is to feed the snakes by feeding them plankton or trapping them to kill other snakes, then eating their ruins to grow bigger, longer.

* Feature Snake Classic Snake for Android

– Free Games.

– Eat colorful dots.

– Control on the intuitive touch screen.

– Countless snake skin for you to choose.

– Classic Snake.

– Nice wallpaper.

– Become the largest snake in the earth.

– Enjoy the game is fun.

Download Game: Classic Snake for Android – Classic snake game

You can download this game on Google store with keyword: Classic Snake 

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