Colony Attack for Android – Game for building outer space empire

Introducing Game: Colony Attack for Android – Game for building outer space empire

Publisher: Geek Beach
Usage: Free
Requirements: Android 4.1 and above

* Colony Attack takes you into outer space in a fantasy world. Here, players will build empire, set up warships, join the alliance to go fight with other planets, explore the universe.

* Highlights of the game Colony Attack for Android

– Build a fleet of Fighters, Corvettes, Battleships and Dreadnaught. All are ready to wait for your order.

– Developing works such as Sensor Array, Plasma Vehicle, Research Center and Armories.

– Research to unlock powerful shields, armors and new spaceships through high tech trees.

– The universe consists of planets, asteroids, debris, nebulae and players to explore.

– Join coalitions, make friends and fight with other alliances around the galaxy.

– Competition in daily events, against players around the world.

– Attack the planets of other players or AI planets, including empires and pirates.

– Each universe, players will play on millions of stars, no server choice.

– Play the game with your friends, top of the rankings, become a supreme lord in the galaxy.

Download Game Colony Attack for Android

You can download this game on Google store with keyword: Colony Attack 

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