Download Arise mobile USB driver (all models)

Download Usb driver for Arise Smartphone and Tablet(all models)

If you are developing on Windows and want to connect your Arise device for testing, then you need to install the appropriate USB driver.

Are you looking for a USB driver for your device? Here we have provided Arise USB drivers for all models based on their model number.

Since Arise does not offer PC Suite applications, connecting your device to the computer without having to download and install the USB drivers given here is an impossible task. So download Arise USB driver from here, install it on your PC and connect Arise smartphone or tablet with laptop or pc. success.

Download USB Driver for your device here.

The download link includes the following files:

Arise AR24 USB Drivers
Arise AR32 USB Drivers
Arise AR33 USB Drivers
Arise AR34 USB Drivers
Arise AR40 USB Drivers
Arise AR42 USB Drivers
Arise AR44 USB Drivers
Arise AR46 USB Drivers
Arise AR52 USB Drivers
Arise AR62 USB Drivers
…And More…


1) All USB drivers provided above are provided by the official Arise Mobile. In case you encounter any problems during installation, please contact the Arise Mobile staff.

2) If any model is lost just notify us, we will add the aforementioned versions.

3) if you are looking for any specific driver that is not listed on this site, then you can request it for me.

4) If you need find Stockrom for Arise smartphone, please visit Arise Stockrom page.

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