Download ColorOS Upgrade Tool for Windows

Oppo developed the practical ColorOS Upgrade Tool for Windows in order to make it easier for consumers to update the firmware on their Oppo smartphones. It works with Oppo devices that are running ColorOS 11 or higher.

Download ColorOS Upgrade Tool for Windows

Features of ColorOS Upgrade Tool:

The ColorOS Upgrade Tool is a feature-rich program that is primarily used by people who want to update their Oppo devices with the most recent official firmware releases. While supporting different file formats for additional flexibility, this program offers a variety of capabilities, including firmware upgrades and flashing.

User-friendly Interface:

Users may easily traverse the updating process with the tool’s simple and intuitive UI. Even people with little technical expertise can effectively upgrade their firmware thanks to our user-friendly design.

Firmware Updates:

Users can quickly update the firmware on their smartphones using the ColorOS Upgrade Tool. This guarantees access to new features, increased stability, and improved performance, giving Oppo devices’ users the best possible experience.

System Bug Fixes

The tool aids in resolving numerous system flaws and problems that could impair the functionality of the apparatus. Users can fix these issues with the ColorOS Upgrade Tool, ensuring a more dependable and streamlined smartphone experience.

Support Multiple Formats

Users can select the best firmware format for their devices using the ColorOS Upgrade Tool, which supports a number of firmware formats including OZIP and OTA. This functionality is essential since it ensures that the firmware will work with the device, reducing the likelihood of issues during the flashing process.

Download ColorOS Upgrade Tool

The tool for Windows (32-bit or 64-bit) can be downloaded from the URLs provided below.

VersionDownload Link


[*] Enable USB debugging on your phone before connecting it to the PC. Additionally, make sure the Update Assistant is set up on your Oppo smartphone.

[*] To avoid any potential issues, make sure your phone has enough battery life and avoid turning it off while the update is being applied.

[*] Oppo Stock ROM: Visit the Download Oppo Stock ROM page if you’re seeking for your device’s original firmware.

[*] Oppo USB Driver: Visit the Download Oppo USB Driver page if you’re seeking for the genuine USB Driver for your device.