Download ModemMeta Tool (all versions)

ModemMeta Tool is MauiMeta Tool’s successor and allows you to Flash, Write, or Fix IMEI on Mediatek Chipset-based devices.

Here on this page, we have shared the most recent form of ModemMeta Apparatus alongside
the past forms

Download ModemMeta Tool (all versions)

Features of ModemMeta Tool

Installer Application:

Modem Meta Tool is supplied as an installer application, so in order to use it, you will need to install it on your computer. To install the Modem Meta Tool, extract it to your computer and run the setup.

Flash IMEI:

Modem Meta lets you flash or fix IMEIs on Mediatek smartphones, tablets, and feature phones. You may need to locate the database files that came with the stock firmware for your Mediatek device during the flashing or IMEI writing process.

Backup and Restore IMEI:

Modem Meta lets you back up your device’s IMEI and restore it whenever you want. It is compatible with Mediatek tablets, smartphones, and feature phones for IMEI backup and restore.

Supports Mediatek Chipset:

Modem Meta only works with tablets, smartphones, and feature phones with Mediatek Chipsets. As a result, devices with chipsets other than Mediatek will not support it.

Download Modem Meta Tool

ModemMeta works with every Windows operating system, from Windows XP to Windows 11 (x32 or x64 bit). In the event that in the event that you were searching for the most recent variant of the ModemMeta Apparatus, then, at that point, utilize the accompanying connects to get it on your PC:

VersionDownload Link


[*] How to use: Visit the How to Use ModemMeta Tool page to learn how to use the ModemMeta tool to flash IMEI.

[*] Caution: In many countries, flashing an IMEI other than the original is against the law and could get you into serious trouble. Flashing the device’s original IMEI is strongly recommended.

[*] Alternative Tool: You can use SN Write Tool, Read & Write Tool to flash or repair IMEI on Mediatek devices.