Download QGDP Tool (Latest Version)

QGDP Tool which is the upgrade version of YGDP Tool is a Windows utility application that lets you to flash .cpb firmware files on Android devices. You can download all versions of this flash tool here, including its latest version.

Download QGDP Tool (Latest Version)
Download QGDP Tool (Latest Version)

QGDP Tool and its Features

1: The UI of this flash tool is simple and easy to understand. So, using this tool for flashing .cbp stock firmware file will be an easy task even for a beginner. You will also get more support options on this tool than the YGDP Tool.

2: QGDP Tool comes as an installer, which means that you will need to download and install it on your Windows computer before using it for flashing firmware files. Only the latest QGDP Assembly Tool version comes as a portable Windows application.

3: This flash tool comes in three variants: QGDP Customers, QGDP SMT, and QGDP Assembly. If you cannot use one variant of this tool to flash .cpb firmware, try one of the other two variants.

4: Unlike YGDP Tool, you can use this tool to flash the latest CPB firmware files on Android smartphones and tablets.

5: You can use this flash tool to flash .cpb firmware files on 15 devices at once, which is one of the most exciting features of this tool.

6: You can use this flash tool on computers running on all versions of Windows operating system including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP (32 bit and 64 bit).

Download QGDP Tool (All Versions)

Package Statistics

Read Me:

1) Coolpad Group Limited has officially built and released the QGDP Tool. So, all credits must go to them.
2) The default password for this flash tool is one of the following: ase, smt or 369. Without entering these passwords, you can’t use this tool.
3) Make sure that you take a complete backup of personal data on your device using appropriate applications before using this tool for flashing .cpb firmware.
4) If this tool doesn’t support your Android device, try one of the alternative ones from our Android tools page.

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