Download Stockrom AoVo smartphone all models

Download stockrom AoVo smartphone all models

On this page, we are share for you link to download stockrom for AoVo smartphone ( or tablet) all models

Download and install USB Driver for AoVo before flash rom


Choose version Rom AoVo for your device below:

Aovo V6 Official Stockrom

Aovo V01 Official Stockrom

Aovo T10 Official Stockrom

Aovo A88 Official Stockrom

Aovo A77 Official Stockrom

Aovo A9 Official Stockrom

Aovo A07 Plus Official Stockrom

Aovo A06 Official Stockrom

Aovo A6 Plus Official Stockrom

Aovo A05 Official Stockrom

Aovo A03 Official Stockrom

AOVO A7 Official Stockrom

  • Country: All
  • File Name: AoVo A7 – ROM Android 5.1_ONLY MT6580_X5_80L_WE_3GW_B15_EMMC_64_6_QHD_MT_M250K_MT_A_AOVO 20170603-185220 – full_yuanda6580_we_l-user 5.1 LMY47I.rar
  • Download Rom here

AOVO A01 Official Stockrom

  • Country: All
  • File Name: AoVo A01 – ROM Android 4.4.2_ONLY MT6572_a832_324_ax-PRX-AOVO_v1.0_18-12-2015 – a832_324_ax_prx_aovo-user 4.4.2 KOT49H.rar
  • Download Rom here

AOVO A99 Official Stockrom

AOVO A02 Official Stockrom

AOVO A808 Official Stockrom

AOVO X5 Official Stockrom

  • Country: All
  • File Name: AoVo X5 – 5.1_MT6580_Z8051_J17_16_1_CG_X5_YP_V1.0 20170816-155931.rar
  • Download Rom here

AOVO V6+ Official Stockrom

AOVO A12 Official Stockrom

AOVO A11 Official Stockrom

  • Country: All
  • File Name: AOVO A11 – ROM Android 5.1_X5_80L_WEG_3GW_B15_EMMC_32_4_QHD_MT_M248C_AOVO 20160601.212156.rar
  • Download Rom here

Important Points:

1) All the stock ROM firmware files given here are officially provided by AoVo Mobile. So, if you face any issues while flashing firmware on your device, contact their support team.

2) Make sure that you flash the original IMEI on your AoVo Mobile device after flashing stock ROM firmware on it.

3) If you are unable to find the stock ROM firmware file for your AoVo Mobile device in this page, let us know by dropping a comment below.

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