Download Micromax Official Stock firmware Rom ( All version )

We have shared the authority Micromax stock ROM (firmware) on this page for different Micromax models, including cell phones and tablets. By tapping on the firmware connect, you will be diverted to the particular model page, where you can download the stock ROM of your gadget.

Prior to making a beeline for the download segment, we should find out about the essentials of stock ROM, its use, and its benefits over any outsider ROM.

Download Micromax Official Stock firmware Rom ( All version )

What is the Micromax Stock ROM?

Micromax Stock ROM is an authority firmware expressly intended for Micromax gadgets. It is in light of the Android Open Source Venture (AOSP) and gives an upgraded client experience for Micromax gadgets.

The Micromax Stock ROM is a completely highlighted ROM that incorporates many elements like high level security choices, quicker execution, better battery duration, and a moved along UI. It likewise has different customization choices and changes to make your gadget more private.

The primary benefit of utilizing the Micromax Stock ROM is that it gives a more up-todate form of Android with security fixes and bug fixes. It likewise gives a smoother client experience with better battery duration and execution. It additionally has different customization choices, permitting clients to alter their gadgets to suit their inclinations.

What’s more, the Micromax Stock ROM likewise gives further developed security highlights. It incorporates different security highlights like gadget encryption, secure boot, and a protected lock screen. It likewise comprises of a protected application store, which permits you to download applications from a confided in source.

Advantages of Micromax Stock ROM

The benefits of utilizing an Micromax Stock ROM incorporate the accompanying:

  1. Unbricking the device
  2. Upgrading or downgrading the mobile operating system
  3. Fixing OTA update issues
  4. Fixing problems with the device startup loop
  5. Fixing bugs on the phone
  6. Fixing lag or stuttering on the device
  7. Fixing battery drain issues
  8. Improving software performance

Download Micromax StockRom:

Model NameDownload
Micromax A111Firmware
Micromax A110Firmware
Micromax A101Firmware
Micromax A100Firmware
Micromax A96Firmware
Micromax A92Firmware
Micromax A91Firmware
Micromax A90SFirmware
Micromax A90Firmware
Micromax A89Firmware
Micromax A85Firmware
Micromax A84Firmware
Micromax A80Firmware
Micromax A78Firmware
Micromax A75Firmware
Micromax A73Firmware
Micromax A70Firmware
Micromax A69Firmware
Micromax A68Firmware
Micromax A067Firmware
Micromax A65Firmware
Micromax A63Firmware
Micromax A60Firmware
Micromax A59Firmware
Micromax A58Firmware
Micromax A56Firmware
Micromax A55Firmware
Micromax A54Firmware
Micromax A52Firmware
Micromax A51Firmware
Micromax A50Firmware
Micromax A47Firmware
Micromax A45Firmware
Micromax A44Firmware
Micromax A36Firmware
Micromax A35Firmware
Micromax A30Firmware
Micromax A27Firmware
Micromax A25Firmware
Micromax S302Firmware
Micromax S301Firmware
Micromax Q469Firmware
Micromax Q461Firmware
Micromax Q450Firmware
Micromax Q416Firmware
Micromax Q413 PlusFirmware
Micromax Q412Firmware
Micromax Q400Firmware
Micromax Q395Firmware
Micromax Q394Firmware
Micromax Q370Firmware
Micromax Q348Firmware
Micromax Q340Firmware
Micromax Q338Firmware
Micromax Q336Firmware
Micromax Q334Firmware
Micromax Q333Firmware
Micromax Q332Firmware
Micromax Q331Firmware
Micromax Q325Firmware
Micromax Q324Firmware
Micromax Q323Firmware
Micromax Q300Firmware
Micromax P70221Firmware
Micromax P690Firmware
Micromax P666Firmware
Micromax P650eFirmware
Micromax P650Firmware
Micromax P600Firmware
Micromax P580Firmware
Micromax P560Firmware
Micromax P550Firmware
Micromax P500Firmware
Micromax P480Firmware
Micromax P470Firmware
Micromax P410iFirmware
Micromax P410Firmware
Micromax P365Firmware
Micromax P362Firmware
Micromax P360Firmware
Micromax P350Firmware
Micromax P310Firmware
Micromax P300Firmware
Micromax P290Firmware
Micromax P280Firmware
Micromax P275Firmware
Micromax P256Firmware
Micromax P255Firmware
Micromax P250Firmware
Micromax E484Firmware
Micromax E483Firmware
Micromax E481Firmware
Micromax E457Firmware
Micromax E455Firmware
Micromax E353Firmware
Micromax E352Firmware
Micromax D340Firmware
Micromax D320Firmware
Micromax D304Firmware
Micromax D303Firmware
Micromax AQ4502Firmware
Micromax AD4500Firmware
Micromax AD3520Firmware
Micromax Q4601Firmware
Micromax Q4311Firmware
Micromax Q4260Firmware
Micromax Q4201Firmware
Micromax Q4101Firmware
Micromax Q4001Firmware
Micromax Q491Firmware
Micromax Q463Firmware
Micromax Q462Firmware
Micromax Q452Firmware
Micromax Q426 PlusFirmware
Micromax Q401Firmware
Micromax Q386Firmware
Micromax Q382Firmware
Micromax Q380NFirmware
Micromax Q354Firmware
Micromax Q352Firmware
Micromax Q352 PlusFirmware
Micromax Q350Firmware
Micromax Q349Firmware
Micromax Q349 PlusFirmware
Micromax Q327Firmware
Micromax Q303Firmware
Micromax P701Firmware
Micromax P660Firmware
Micromax HS3Firmware
Micromax HS2Firmware
Micromax HS1Firmware
Micromax E5018MFirmware
Micromax E4816Firmware
Micromax E460Firmware
Micromax E453Firmware
Micromax Dual 5Firmware
Micromax C2AFirmware
Micromax C2A PlusFirmware
Micromax Bharat 5Firmware
Micromax B5 ProFirmware
Micromax B4AFirmware
MICROMAX A24Firmware
MICROMAX A26Firmware
MICROMAX A28Firmware
MICROMAX A34Firmware
MICROMAX A37Firmware
MICROMAX A37B BoltFirmware
MICROMAX A37R BoltFirmware
MICROMAX A40Firmware
MICROMAX A46Firmware
Micromax A57Firmware
MICROMAX A58 BoltFirmware
MICROMAX A61Firmware
MICROMAX A62Firmware
MICROMAX A064Firmware
MICROMAX A065Firmware
MICROMAX A66Firmware
MICROMAX A066Firmware
MICROMAX A67Firmware
MICROMAX A068Firmware
MICROMAX A069Firmware
MICROMAX A71Firmware
MICROMAX A72Firmware
MICROMAX A74Firmware
MICROMAX A075Firmware
MICROMAX A76Firmware
MICROMAX A77Firmware
MICROMAX A79Firmware
MICROMAX A082Firmware
MICROMAX A82 BoltFirmware
MICROMAX A86Firmware
MICROMAX A87Firmware
MICROMAX A88Firmware
MICROMAX A089Firmware
MICROMAX A090Firmware
MICROMAX A091Firmware
MICROMAX A092Firmware
MICROMAX A093Firmware
MICROMAX A94Firmware
MICROMAX A096Firmware
MICROMAX A99Firmware
MICROMAX A102Firmware
MICROMAX A104Firmware
MICROMAX A105Firmware
MICROMAX A106Firmware
MICROMAX A107Firmware
MICROMAX A108Firmware
MICROMAX A109Firmware
MICROMAX A110QFirmware
MICROMAX A113Firmware
MICROMAX A114Firmware
MICROMAX A114RFirmware
MICROMAX A115Firmware
MICROMAX A116Firmware
MICROMAX A116iFirmware
MICROMAX A117Firmware
MICROMAX A118RFirmware
MICROMAX A119Firmware
MICROMAX A120Firmware
MICROMAX A121Firmware
Micromax A177-A77Firmware
MICROMAX A190Firmware
MICROMAX A200Firmware
MICROMAX A210Firmware
MICROMAX A240Firmware
MICROMAX A250Firmware
MICROMAX A255Firmware
MICROMAX A290Firmware
MICROMAX A300Firmware
MICROMAX A310Firmware
MICROMAX A311Firmware
Micromax A315Firmware
Micromax A316Firmware
MICROMAX A350Firmware
Micromax AE90Firmware
Micromax AQ4501Firmware
Micromax AQ4550Firmware
Micromax AQ4750Firmware
Micromax AQ5000Firmware
Micromax AQ5001Firmware
Micromax Bharat 5 PlusFirmware
Micromax C1Firmware
Micromax C1AFirmware
Micromax Canvas Juice A177Firmware
Micromax Canvas Magnus HD Q421Firmware
Micromax Canvas Tab F666Firmware
Micromax Canvas Tab P469Firmware
Micromax Canvas Tab P480Firmware
Micromax Canvas Tab P490Firmware
Micromax Canvas Tab P680Firmware
MICROMAX D200Firmware
Micromax D305Firmware
Micromax D306Firmware
MICROMAX D321Firmware
MICROMAX E311Firmware
Micromax E313Firmware
Micromax E485Firmware
Micromax E491Firmware
MICROMAX EG111Firmware
MICROMAX EG116Firmware
Micromax Funbook P470Firmware
MICROMAX MT500Firmware
Micromax P702Firmware
Micromax P802Firmware
Micromax Q301Firmware
Micromax Q310Firmware
Micromax Q326Firmware
MICROMAX Q335Firmware
Micromax Q341Firmware
Micromax Q345Firmware
Micromax Q346Firmware
Micromax Q350RFirmware
Micromax Q351Firmware
Micromax Q355Firmware
MICROMAX Q372Firmware
MICROMAX Q375Firmware
Micromax Q379Firmware
Micromax Q380Firmware
Micromax Q381Firmware
Micromax Q385Firmware
MICROMAX Q391Firmware
Micromax Q392Firmware
Micromax Q397Firmware
Micromax Q402Firmware
Micromax Q402 PlusFirmware
Micromax Q404Firmware
Micromax Q409Firmware
Micromax Q411 4GFirmware
Micromax Q413Firmware
Micromax Q414Firmware
Micromax Q415 Canvas Pace 4GFirmware
Micromax Q417Firmware
Micromax Q424Firmware
Micromax Q427Firmware
Micromax Q427 PlusFirmware
Micromax Q428Firmware
Micromax Q437Firmware
Micromax Q438Firmware
Micromax Q440Firmware
Micromax Q441Firmware
Micromax Q442Firmware
Micromax Q453Firmware
Micromax Q465Firmware
Micromax Q3001Firmware
Micromax Q3301Firmware
Micromax Q3501Firmware
Micromax Q3551Firmware
Micromax Q3555Firmware
Micromax Q4202Firmware
Micromax Q4251Firmware
Micromax Q4261Firmware
Micromax Q4310Firmware
MICROMAX S300Firmware
Micromax S303Firmware
MICROMAX S405 BoltFirmware
Micromax V51Firmware
Micromax W121Firmware
Micromax x602Firmware
Micromax X2401Firmware
Tablet Micromax P681Firmware
Micromax X5098Firmware
MICROMAX X-265Firmware
MICROMAX X-260Firmware
MICROMAX X-220Firmware
MICROMAX X-211Firmware
MICROMAX X-2iFirmware
MICROMAX X-2 I+Firmware
MICROMAX X-1-iFirmware
MICROMAX Q-2Firmware
MICROMAX GC-360 G+G+CFirmware
micromax x263Firmware
MICROMAX X-505Firmware
MICROMAX X-266Firmware


[*] USB Driver: If you are looking for the original Micromax USB Driver, then head over to the Micromax USB Driver page.

[*] Flash Tool: Micromax Stockrom needs many flash tools, you can use: SP Flashtool, SPD Flashtool, ETC….

[*] After flashing (installing): The Micromax Stock ROM on your device, you may need to flash (install) the IMEI using the IMEI tool provided with the firmware file. If you are going to flash the IMEI, then flash the Original IMEI that comes with your device.

[*] Request Firmware: If you are looking for any specific firmware that is not listed above, you can request it through the comment box below (do not request firmware through the contact page, or else it will be ignored). Returning the stock ROM entitles the warranty on the phone.

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