Download SuperSU APK (Latest Version)

SuperSU, or as it is widely called “Chainfire SuperSU,” is a small but highly useful Android application built by an Android developer named Chainfire. By installing SuperSU APK on your device, you will be able to grant or deny root access to all the apps on your Android device. Sounds interesting, right?

Here we have provided all versions of the Chainfire SuperSU Android app (supersu.apk). Download the one that suits you best, flash it on your device, and enjoy the Superuser administration tool for free.

Download SuperSU APK (Latest Version)
Download SuperSU APK (Latest Version)

SuperSU Android App Features:

1) When installing the SuperSU APK file on your device, you will get a Superuser Android app on your device, which you can use to manage the access rights of all installed applications. Also, using the Superuser administration tool, you can either allow or deny root access to the Android apps installed on your smartphone.

2) With the help of the Chainfire Superuser app, you can easily unroot your Android smartphone, either temporarily or permanently. Using this feature, you can easily get back your device’s warranty as rooting voids the warranty of your device.

3) SuperSU can be flashed on any rooted smartphone or tablet regardless of its brand or Android operating system version. That’s why Chainfire SuperSU is considered as the best Android application for rooted devices.

Download SuperSU APK (All Versions)

Package Statistics
SuperSU_2.82 – Latest VersionDOWNLOAD

Read Me:

1) SuperSU is created by Chainfire, a famous Android developer. So, all credits must go to him.

2) Chainfire SuperSU can be installed only on rooted Android smartphones or tablets. So, if your device is not rooted, you can’t use this app at all.

3) If you have no idea how to install this app on your smartphone or tablet, watch out for our tutorial on installing SuperSU on any Android device.

4) If this flash tool doesn’t support your Android device, try one of the alternative ones from our Android tools page.

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