Endless Frontier Saga for Android – Online RPG fighting game with thousands of enemies

Introducing Game: Endless Frontier Saga for Android – Online RPG fighting game with thousands of enemies

Released: ekkorr
Usage: Free
Requirements: Android 4.0 and above

* Endless Frontier Saga is a unique idie action game. You play the role of Erin, a legendary hero, commanding the elite cavalry with the determination to defeat Ma dark shadow.

* The legendary heroes have engaged in an endless war that broke out more than 1000 years ago. You will lead the heroic army, fight the legendary monsters, participate in online PvP matches and end the reign of Mai dynasty darkness in the world Endless Frontier.

Join Endless Frontier Saga for Android, players will experience endless RPG stages in online PvP battles, offline guild battles and countless treasures to unlock. Upgrade your character with powerful summons and hero control.

* After the battle against the Dark Lord Mara failed, the hero Erin vowed to revive to organize a cavalry squad, launching the battle for revenge.

* Highlights of Endless Frontier Saga for Android

1. Game idle RPG great

– The idle RG’s path in this intriguing adventure.

– Lead your cavalry into the fierce battle and defeat the evil Mage in the legendary auto quest.

2. The legendary heroes

– More than 150 heroes and each possesses own powers. Who will you choose to join your army?

– Monster Training: Collect more than 50 pets to assist you in quests.

– Command of more than 100 types of units, striving to become the myth of war.

3. Play endless RPG games

– Grow strongly after each revival and gameplay progress.

– Levels with endless fun. There is no limit to the amount of power you can gain.

– Upgrade and click to experience all over 900 stages.

– Fight guilds online and fight in PvP dungeons

– Many online players are waiting for the endless PvP battles and the super-attractive 200 vs 200 guild matches.

– The boss battles in the dungeons bring up the prize of 20 unique treasures and rare rewards.

5. Find gifts and stores.

– Discover more than 200 relics to help you in the task automatically

– Get treasure chests for each winning phase and even more great bonuses.

– Get gold automatically if you stay longer. The more you have the opportunity to exploit and find more treasure.

Download Game:

You can download this game on Google store with keyword: Endless Frontier Saga

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