Farm On! for Android – Farm game looks attractive

Introducing Game: Farm On! for Android – Farm game looks attractive

Publisher: Cheetah Games
Usage: Free
Requirements: Android 4.2 and above

Grow your crops, expand your resources, and help your fortunes prosper in this exciting farm game Farm On! for Android. You will do farm work such as planting trees, raising animals, harvesting and trading agricultural products … like a real farmer.

* Enjoy life as a farmer on your vast farm in Farm On! You will be able to operate modern agricultural machinery and ensure that all activities on the farm are smooth. Plant fruit trees, cash crops, breeding cute animals such as cats, pigs, goats, sheep … and even fish ponds.

* Next, you will harvest the farm produce. Use those agricultural products to create food, recipes. Finally, to trade, trade with neighbors, people in neighboring towns.

* Players can also expand the farm to build new buildings and fields, grow more interesting fruit trees, and raise more interesting animals. Provide orders to customers from a nearby town. Create a happy farm and prove you are a real farmer.

* Highlights Farm On! for Android

– Develop and manage your farm.

– Take care of cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, and more.

– Harvest fruits and vegetables and create recipes.

– Make food in the production buildings.

– Make breakfast, juice, salad, dessert, dairy products and more.

– Trade with friends or sell them on the market.

– Capture and complete orders from the ship.

– Beautify the grounds with classic and seasonal decorations.

Download Game:

You can download this game on Google store with keyword: Farm On!

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