how to flash stockrom htc

1. flash stockrom exe RUU (Rom original ending RUU exe)

Phone connected to the computer USB Debugging mode, or put your phone in FASTBOOT and connected to the computer.
Proceed run RUU rom … exe file has downloaded, follow the instructions of the flash ROM as shown below


click on : understand the ….. and click next .


press : i have configured .. and click next


click : update .


Click Next to validate the selected settings and increases or decreases rom version


Next to begin installing rom


Wait until the process finishes successful newspaper is OK – Restart the phone

2. Flash stockrom htc via ZIP format

Phone into hboot by holding down volume controls and Power key, wait for a while will be on display Hboot, followed by select Fastboot on line, the phone will be put into fastboot mode. Plug the cable connected to the computer. Wait for the computer to receive and install all drivers.
In the folder C: \ HTC, hold down Shif + right, select “Open Command Window here” will open the program to typing CMD.
We type the following commands respectively
fastboot oem rebootRUU
The phone will immediately start the screen HTC RUU (HTC screen with letters on a black background)
fastboot flash zip
(The command to conduct flash rom)
With this zip flash commands in most cases will error in a few minutes (pre-hboot update: please flush ngay)
Do not worry, if the phone is still on screen, type the command HTC RUU flash zip, even if the screen is escaping Hboot then retype the command as in the first 2
fastboot oem rebootRUU
fastboot flash zip
Wait for the flash program reported success running time


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