Download Huawei HiSuite (Latest Version)

Huawei HiSuite is the official device manager application for Huawei devices. It is available for both Windows and Mac computers. Using this tool, you can sync your Huawei smartphone or tablet with the computer. Here we have provided all versions of HiSuite for Windows and HiSuite for Mac.

Download Huawei HiSuite (Latest Version)
Download Huawei HiSuite (Latest Version)

Huawei HiSuite Features

1) Using this tool, you can easily take the backup of personal data in your smartphone, i.e., contacts, pictures, etc. Also, you can quickly restore this data to your device with a click on a button.

2) The HiSuite allows you to directly download and install the available software update packages to your device. Using this functionality, you can update your device without downloading any separate software packages.

3) Using this tool, you can easily manage the apps installed in your device. This tool also lets you manage the contacts in your device, i.e., you can create, edit, or delete contacts without accessing your device.

4) The HiSuite lets you transfer pictures, music files, and videos from your device to the computer and vice versa.

5) Using Huawei HiSuite, you can send messages to your contacts without accessing your device, which is one of the best features of this tool.

Download Huawei HiSuite (All Versions)

For Windows

Read Me:

1) Huawei HiSuite is created by Huawei Mobile Inclusion. So all credits must go them. Also, if you encounter any issues while installing or using this Device manager tool from Huawei, contact their support team.

2) The HiSuite for Windows supports all versions of Windows operating system, i.e., Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. Also, the HiSuite for Mac supports all versions of the Mac operating system.

3) If this flash tool doesn’t support your Android device, try one of the alternative ones from our Android tools page.

4) Huawei Stock Firmware: If you are looking for the original Stock Firmware,
then head over to the Huawei Stock Firmware page.

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