Howto flash stockrom for LG F60

Howto flash stockrom for LG F60

Instructions with LG Flash Tool 2014

Step1 :Download and install LG Mobile Driver

Step2 :Download and install LG Flash Tool 2014 – KDZ Flash Software

Step3 :Download the official Stockrom for your LG F60.

Step4 :Place device in download mode. Power device off, while holding volume up, plug computer usb cable into your phone.

Step5 :Run the LG Flash tool .exe file

Step6 :Select “CDMA” as device type and “diag” as phone mode.

Step7 :Use the KDZ file you previously downloaded.

Step8 :Use” Normal Flash” to flash without losing any data. This is to fix system errors. Flashing anything besides the same current firmware will result in a boot loop.

Step9 :Use “CSE Flash” to wipe all data and flash stock firmware onto your device. Use this if you are soft bricked, boot looping, downgrading, sideloading update or just need to go back to 100% stock.

Step10 :Click start and choose your country and language in the pop up window.

Hit ok and don’t touch anything until it says 100%.


* Download the correct stockrom version for your Device.

* Do not try to use Rom to another machine

* Backup all data Means, Create A Copy files of Contacts, Image, Video, Music and All Other Your Personal Document.
When the run flashing process the Flash tool of erases the data before start the flashing.

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