Mommy Newborn for Android – Pregnant pregnancy simulation game

Introducing Game: Mommy Newborn for Android – Pregnant pregnancy simulation game

Publisher: GgameLimitedNewKing
Usage: Free
Requirements: Android 2.3.3 and above

* Mommy Newborn is a fun simulation game for girls. Players will be able to undergo pregnancy, baby birth and neonatal care after birth, thereby gaining a better understanding and knowledge of pregnancy and childbirth.

Join the game Mommy Newborn, you will play a medical staff in charge of caring for a woman in labor until the birth of the little angel success in the most scientific way. You can help mothers feel better by taking a foot massage, drinking fruit juices such as apple juice for nutritional supplements and dressing appropriately.

* Welcome a little angel born. Now, your job is to take good care of your baby. The first is to clean the baby by giving him a warm bath, patting him, bringing food to his mother and baby clothes …

* Highlights of Mommy Newborn for Android

– Check and take care of mother’s health.

– 5 different interactive levels in the game.

– Dressed for mother.

– Sound effects fun.

– Take care of your baby gently, sweetly.

– Dress for your baby.

– Play unique and interactive games.

– HD images are colorful and beautiful.

Download Game:

You can download this game on Google store with keyword: Mommy Newborn

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