Papa’s Pizzeria To Go for Android – fun pizza management game

Introducing Game: Papa’s Pizzeria To Go for Android – fun pizza management game

Publisher: Flipline Studios
Usage: Charge
Limit: $ 1
Requirements: Android 4.0 and above

Grind, bake and serve the delicious pizza in the game Papa’s Pizzeria To Go. This is the latest version of the popular Pizzeria Papa sales management game with updated features, gameplay, and a recreated control system for smaller screens.

* In Papa’s Pizzeria To Go, you will have loads of work to do in the pizza store. However, thanks to the control system is designed visually neatly in the palm of your hand so every operation is easy, smooth.

* New Features in Papa’s Pizzeria To Go for Android:

– Control by thumb

– Topping Station

– Baking area

– Cutting area

– New Components: The game has added some new components not included in the original Papa Pizzeria game.

– Customize the store: Players can get tips on how to design the store with posters, tables, decorations and shop decorations.

– Update feature: Serve end-customers, earn wages and be happy with the suggestions for earning Blue Ribbon.

* Features of Papa’s Pizzeria To Go simulation game for Android

– Handmade pizza shop in Papa Louie.

– New gameplay controls and system designed for smaller screens.

– Countless jobs in stacking, baking and cutting.

– Shop for upgrades, furniture, posters using in-game tips.

– 90 customers to unlock different orders.

– Challenge the food critics.

– 75 achievements in the game for players to conquer.

* New feature

– Improved full-screen experience.

– Patch.

Download Game:

You can download this Game on Google store (CHplay) with keyword: Papa’s Pizzeria To Go for Android

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