Shadowrun Returns for Android – Turn-based RPG game not to be missed

Introducing Game: Shadowrun Returns for Android – Turn-based RPG game not to be missed

Publisher: Harebrained Schemes
Usage: Charge
Limit: $ 1.99
Requirements: Android 4.0 and above

In Shadowrun Returns, you play a mercenary, using a myriad of weapons, spells and spells to complete missions. This game is considered a turn-based RPG masterpiece.

* The plot of the role-playing game Shadowrun Returns simulates the future world in 2054. Magic returns to the world, waking up to powerful creatures in myth and legend.

* Highlights of the game Shadowrun Returns for Android

– Complete the Shadowrun Returns campaign (over 12 hours of game play). Optimized for touch screen.

– Discover a terrible future when magic and machine technology dominate the streets.

– Perform turn-based tactical combat.

– Create, customize your character from one of 6 unique templates.

– Over 350 different types of weapons, spells and abilities, including fireballs, pistols, and punches.

– Save your game anytime: The new update in version 1.2.6 allows players to save games anywhere in the game, and performs a series of bug fixes and other improvements.

* Equipment requirements:

– Shadowrun Returns requires that the device requires at least 1 GB of RAM and running Android 4.0 (ICS) or higher.

– The game requires WiFi connection to download data to the computer. Make sure your machine has free space of around 1.7 GB.

– To optimize the gaming experience, you can close other applications while playing games.

* New feature:

– Save the game when it’s your turn. New save buttons in PDA or when exiting main menu.

– Ability to recover from injury.

– Overhauled user interface including smarter tile selection in Freemove.

– Improved performance, errors and leaks.

– Fix issues related to Drones and heal wounds.

– Prevent the loss of character, black screen in Universal Brotherhood.

– patched ICs appear in Telestrian Industries.

– Fixed an IC issue with an incorrect HP rating.

Download Game: Shadowrun Returns for Android – Turn-based RPG game not to be missed

You can Buy and download this game on Google store with keyword: Shadowrun Returns

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