Snail Bob 2 for Android – Snail Bob’s Journey Game Part 2

Introducing Game: Snail Bob 2 for Android – Snail Bob’s Journey Game Part 2

Publisher: Hunter Hamster
Usage: Free
Requirements: Android 3. and above

* Snail Bob 2 is a fun puzzle adventure game. The task of the player is to help the snail cross the dangerous and challenging pathway to be able to attend his grandfather’s birthday party.

* Snail Bob 2 is the sequel to the snail game series that is popular with many people. In this version, Bob snail needs your help again.

* Snail Bob 2 for Android is great for players of all ages. This is a fun game that helps your brain work lightly and will surely make you laugh and have fun.

* Highlights of Snail Bob 2 for Android

– 120 levels are spread across 4 different unique worlds.

– In spite of Bob’s various outfits (you can even wear Pixel costumes, bathing suits or dragon costumes).

– Find all the hidden stars and puzzle pieces (many objects hidden in levels).

– Good family puzzles, suitable for both children and adults involved. Your family can play together.

– Game Snail Bob 2 is a lot of people love and the web version of the game has been played to more than 1 billion times.

* New feature

– Added new winter chapter (winter) with 30 new levels.

– 6 new outfits.

– New jigsaw puzzles.

– Fixes some users encountered after buying Unlock All Outfits.

Download Game Snail Bob 2 for Android

You can download this game on Google store with keyword: Snail Bob 2 

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