Space Squadron – Galaxy Shooter for Android – An interesting spaceship shooting game

Introducing Game: Space Squadron – Galaxy Shooter for Android – An interesting spaceship shooting game

Publisher: Spaces Mobile Studio
Usage: Free
Requirements: Android 4.0.3 and above

* Space Squadron – Galaxy Shooter is the best shooter game for fans of space shooter games. Take on the fierce battle between galaxies and destroy all opponents.

* Outlandish aliens are dying to attack our galaxy. They attack all parts of the galaxy, including the Earth with powerful alien weapons. They destroy our space squadrons.

* We only have one last space battalion to fight them. You are a galactic hero, a leader of the army, and a fierce enemy.

Space squadron shooting game will take players to fight in many beautiful places. You control the best spacecraft, equipped with rockets, boat people and powerful satellites to protect the galaxy. At each battle, the player will receive a SpaceCraft and gold card and do not forget to use them to upgrade the spacecraft and help you get stronger. Players can also unlock new spaceships with Cards or Gemstones or buy with real money.

In space you face alien spaceships and powerful bosses. Use the best fighting strategy, upgrade the ship at the right time to destroy all opponents, overcome the challenge.

* Highlights of the game Space Squadron – Galaxy Shooter for Android

– More fighting space for you to choose.

– Excellent skills.

– Many battleships are beautiful.

– Special sound effects.

– Many enemies and powerful bosses.

– The lucky spin brings great rewards.

– Special maps.

– Move your spaceship flexibly to avoid bullets from enemy ships and hit the enemy.

– Kill all space invaders and giant bosses.

– Collecting gold, precious stones, airship cards.

– Upgrading missiles, crew members, shields …

– Change the craft to suit each level.

Download Game:

You can download this game on Google store with keyword: Space Squadron – Galaxy Shooter

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