Stickman Archer Fight for Android – An archer’s favorite game

Introducing Game: Stickman Archer Fight for Android – An archer’s favorite game

Publisher: JDI Game Studio
Usage: Free
Requirements: Android 4.1 and above

* Stickman Archer Fight is an action-packed shooting-style action game. You will play an archer and kill enemies before being killed by the enemy. Try to get as high as possible.

* Join the Stickman Archer Fight, you will become a super-skilled archer. You and the enemy will be placed in two front lines confront each other, who shot down the previous opponent will be the winner. If you win the next level and if you die then play again.

* To be sure of winning, the player needs to look at the shot and lower the opponent quickly, not to give him the opportunity to leave the bow. Otherwise, the ability to hit the arrow from your opponent will be very high. And gameover is all that is possible.

* Each time you kill a successful opponent, you will earn a certain amount of gold. For head shots, the enemy will die instantly and you get 15 cents, and if you hit a different position on the opponent you have to hit twice and get 10 cents. This amount will be used to purchase complementary items.

* Compared to your opponent, you have the advantage of being equipped with a number of useful additions, including creating a mobile barrier between the front lines to prevent the enemy from firing, creating a protective arch to prevent any The arrows fly and freeze the enemy before he can release his arrow from the bow. However, the price of these subsidies is not cheap so you need to save money and use only in emergency situations!

* Stickman Archer Fight for Android has two modes of play: fighting AI and two-player mode for you against one another. Game is simple, light and extremely suitable to kill time in the spare time.

* Highlights of Stickman Archer Fight for Android

– AI mode and 2 player modes.

– Game fun and kill time efficiently

– Follow the rules of physical reality.

– How to play: See the target and shoot down the stickman enemies. Drag your finger to aim and release your hand to shoot.

– An enemy is killed when one is shot in the head or hit twice on the body, arm or leg.

Download Game:

You can download this game on Google store with keyword: Stickman Archer Fight


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