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htc fireball stockrom

install rom
1. On the phone into fastboot mode and open windows through ADB Folder CMD as the instructions above and then type the command line:

fastboot mid getvar

2. After typing this command we will get the code device (eg mid: PG5813000)
3. Now on your computer to open the .exe file ROM Ship window and leave nothing manipulation do.khong

4. Open the existing features hidden files in Windows

5. Go to Start – Run and type “% temp%” to open the Windows Temp folder
6. In the Temp folder windows in our search Search for “rom.zip” and copy files into one place this rom.zip

7. Rename the file rom.zip device’s code name. For example, we have mid: PG5813000 we will rename files rom.zip thanhPG58IMG.zip (last 5 characters replaced by IMG)

8. Copy files rom.zip renamed to a memory card (not to in any folder)

9. Put the phone in bootloader mode the machine will check the file ROM and up.
10. After we finished about 10p will restart -> done

HTC – fireball -Droid Incredible 4G LTE
sha1: 5f81c8c6e0e2041eda56174a9e3d42f8b4abafb4


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