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Uhans U300-DK9FA2FWTAG stockrom

below the direct link to download stockrom (firmware) file from google driver or oneclouddriver or ….
stockrom contains flash tools , driver and tutorials …

Uhans U300 –  6.0_SA.0105.V3.03 – full_pri6750_66t_m-user 6.0 MRA58K.rar

miror link

Uhans U300 – 6.0_SCS8SSX.1029.V0.02 – full_pri6750_66t_m-user 6.0 MRA58K.rar

link mirro 

Howto flash stockrom android

Guide for SP Flash tools :

Download SP Flash tools

Download Usb Driver

1. download and extract the stockrom on your computer

2. install all driver for your mobile , and run SP flash tools

3. after run SPflash tools , you load the scatter file from the stockrom folder.

4. connect your phone to the computer via USB cable

5. click on upgrade/download button in the SP flash tools

6. waiting and when Gren ring will appear at the end of successfull flash .
done and goodluck .

Install with SP MDT:

_Download Tools_

Download Usb Driver

1). Turn off the smartphone. Cable is not connected to the computer.

2). Remove the battery and insert it again

3). Connect your phone to a computer cable. The operating system detects a new device

4). Disconnect the cable from the computer.

5). Run SPMultiPortFlashDownloadProject.exe

6). Choose File> Open File Agent download and specify the file MTK_AllInOneDA.bin (it is in the folder SP_MDT).
7). Click Scatter File and select the MT6580_Android_scatter.txt file (it’s in the folder with the rom).
8). Click “Start all”.
9). Connect your phone to a computer cable. The program should see and blink. If the phone is not detected, then unplug it from the computer,
remove and insert the battery (if the battery is removable) and reconnect it to the computer.
10). After (OK) click Stop and disable any phone.
11). Completed.

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  1. I wait for sales of U300. Powerful smartphone. I know that U200 excellent. My friend has it. For a year of use only 1 time it stitched it. and so any problems.

    • Very stylish. It is pleasant to me more, than U200. And steep. It would be desirable to know cost. My choice depends on it.

    • Maybe you already do know, but I want to tell. On the trading floor GearBest UHANS U300 smartphone until February 1, 2017 is available for $ 199.99. UHANS Company holds a festive action on smart phones price reduced.

  2. Uhans U300 looks beautiful and stylish. It contains 4 gigabytes of RAM and a processor MTK MT6750T. I like this smartphone, and I want to know when the smartphone will go on sale.

    • UHANS U300 – this trick, 2017. If all the announced features will be implemented in full, it will truly be a leader in the line produced by the company smartphones. It attracts with its original design, great features and battery. All buyers hope that it will be good quality.

    • Soon UHANS U300 will be on hand. I’m waiting for him too. I bought it because it has a good specification and a relatively low price.

  3. Uhans U300 perfectly cope with any challenge. Its parameters are perfect for all applications, even the most complex. This smartphone for people who want to have a personality.

  4. Hi-Fi sound processor with NXP Smart, the presence of a fingerprint scanner, a display with Full HD resolution and a protective Glass Corning Gorilla Glass 4 – this is not a complete list of the advantages of a smartphone Uhans U300. Potential users are eagerly waiting for his appearance on the market

  5. Uhans U300 looks good and has good options. Its body is made of titanium, and the back cover is made of leather. The screen protects Gorilla Glass 4. This phone is very well protected.

  6. UHANS U300 has a quick charging function. This is very good because it has a large battery capacity. Just ekrasn protected by glass Gorilla Glass 4. This will give strength.

  7. Uhans U300 looks beautiful and impressive. But not only that distinguishes it from other smartphones. It has good performance parameters and autonomy. When an acceptable load it can handle more than two days.

  8. Uhans U300 has an excellent price. It costs almost $ 220. This is a good price for
    smartphone with these parameters.

    • Indeed, UHANS U300 has an excellent price. But a little help. Prior to February 1, 2017 UHANS company holds a festive action. As part of this action on the trading floor GearBest UHANS U300 can be purchased for only $ 199.99. Installed sale price of its $ 219.99 (about $ 220). Sending these smartphone shoppers will start between Feb 9 – Feb 13.

  9. I want to share a pleasant news for yourself! Gorgeous smartphone UHANS U300 already enrolled on presale. Final price $199.99. I and my friends have already taken advantage of this opportunity. Hurry and you-time is limited!

    • He’s already in pre-sales. I am waiting eagerly ordered my smartphone. Had to read a lot of good words about its design and technical characteristics. Looked a lot of videos about him. But what he is? I’m waiting for a parcel. The excitement of the present.

  10. Uhans U300 is made qualitatively. This shows that the company cares about its customers. Assembling at this great smartphone. And he has an excellent price and performance!

  11. In the hope that UHANS U300 is really a very good smartphone ordered it myself. The site of the manufacturer read that his shipping customers between Feb 4 – Feb 8. After receiving and evaluate this smatrfon.

    • The high quality smartphone UHANS U300 hardly be doubted. However, each customer is now awaiting your device with great excitement.

  12. Design really interesting. You feel something from Mercedes. Maybe because the materials metal, glass and leather. And in general a good smartphone, performance for everyday work enough.

  13. A good smartphone. A lot of where he is now discussing. And the good performance and the battery, and of self-a beautiful appearance. In addition, good protection from the outside world, and from the water with the dust, and titanium body strong.

  14. Characteristics of his good, for the average user enough for the eyes. But well, very unusual design. Brutal even, I would say. But I like. It emphasizes the individuality of the owner.

  15. UHANS U300 with the original design and high-capacity battery can be bought at a big discount, if you take part in the action, which is carried out many trading platforms Valentine’s Day. Detailed information on the websites of these online stores.

  16. $ 199 as for me for this smartphone is normal. Not every day you meet is now a smartphone with a unique design and balanced performance. In addition, it is protected from water and dust, and has a capacious battery.

  17. A good smart phone for its price. The battery is good, 4750 mAh. Memory lot, 4GB operatives and 32 GB internal. In addition, more can and with the help of stick it to expand.

  18. A good device that Uhans U300. Now it began to appear on his review, and users began to post real reviews. Like all the reviews and positive reviews that say about the quality of new products and the integrity of the manufacturer.

  19. The smartphone is really very beautiful. Apparently because the design is a former employee of the company’s Mercedes. At a height and other characteristics of the smartphone. Especially different from his other battery. It will last for a few days work.

  20. Uhans U300 is a smartphone that you can safely take along on the road. He will be able to work for a long time without recharging, and entertain with games, videos or even movies recorded on him, because he has a large amount of memory.

  21. Cool smartphone. It looks individual, and has balanced filling parameters. In addition, thanks to a large battery can work for a long time without recharging, which is very good.

  22. Uhans U300 is a good device. It will be possible to play toys and to watch movies if necessary. The battery is large, which will ensure a good autonomy. And the design is on top.

  23. An excellent smartphone, in my opinion. He has a good design, which is quite rare today. Also, excellent security and a large battery capacity makes it a good assistant for long trips or travel.

  24. Mercedes, he can and resembles his materials body, but that’s on top he does not look like, that’s for sure. Those phones look quite different. And the price of this smartphone is more or less adequate, looking at its stuffing.

  25. The specifications of the smartphone are not bad, but this is not his main trump card. Still, apparently the manufacturer focuses on the design and appearance of the device. And it looks really original and fresh.

  26. A good smartphone for its price. The battery is not bad, 4750 mAh. There are a lot of memory, 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory. In addition, you can also expand it with the help of a flash drive.

  27. As for me so on top of this smartphone is not very similar. But despite this, its design is different in originality, which is not often found in our time. Just a good stuffing will allow him to cope with any applications.

  28. This smartphone has a very original design. But this is not all its advantages. It is also equipped with a 4750 mAh battery, which will allow charging it once every 2 days or more, depending on the load. You can forget about the cranes and similar devices.

  29. Do not forget about the good security of the smartphone Uhans U300. It has protection against water and dust according to the standard ip65, which means that it will not be scary to get into such a smartphone under the rain. In addition, I think that the titanium frame around the screen will be good to protect the smartphone when it falls.

  30. I’ve been wanting something like this for a long time. This smartphone has many advantages that I like. For example, this is a large battery capacity, which allows you to take it with you on long trips and not be afraid to stay without communication. And to not be bored in these trips, you can write anything into memory: movies, games. This will pass the time.

  31. Cool smartphone. A large capacity battery, the design is unique. It’s very beautiful. The processor is not really the most powerful, but it does not matter, because there is a lot of RAM.

  32. A good smartphone. I like his big battery and the screen with high brightness and rich colors. In addition, the design is not trivial.

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