Summary of App/Tweak installed with TrollStore

Since the App TrollStore is available, you can install external apps on your iPhone very easily. In addition, you can install additional tweaks that previously had to be jailbroken to install

In addition to the ability to install .iPA permanently, TrollStore than Altstore/Sideloadly/Esign/Gbox… can install many Apps/Tweaks that can be used when the device is Jailbroken, For example: Apps Manager (or installable but lacks more features than TrollStore). . For example: Filza File Manager).

Here is the App/Tweak I use (no jailbreak required). Note: There is an App/Tweak that can only be used when installed with TrollStore

Summary of App/Tweak installed with TrollStore

‍‍‍App/Tweak can be installed using TrollStore


– Badge color changing: Change color Badge
– HomeGesture: fake iPhone X operation interface
– Passcode theming: change Passcode with pictures
– … (more features will be added in the future)
WiFiList: See each connected Wifi password and more
Apps Manager: Backup/Restore/Share App Data
Filza File Manager: File manager. (only full permissions at ./var/)
AppStore++ : Upgrade/Downgrade App version from AppStore
CocoaTop: like “Task Manager” on Windows
iMemScan: Cheat Game(Cheat value and more)
Resolution Setter: Change the screen resolution
ScreenshotX: add frames to screenshots

All .iPA App/Tweak files are at: TrollStoreiPA by 34306(Huy Nguyen) including Facebook Wolf.


App++ is the App that has been Modified to add features such as Youtube can watch the background, block ads, Mod Premium …

Youtube++ (integrates a lot of good tweaks)
Spotify++: Spotilife Tweak Integration
– Block QC
– Unlimited song skips
– …
– Block ads
– Block viewing Story
– Block viewing of Messages
– …
Facebook++: Block viewing Stories, downloading videos, etc.
PPSSPP: PSP Emulator on iOS
WallpapersCraft Pro: Download high quality wallpapers.

How to find .iPA App/Game/Game Apple Arcade/App++:

Two sources yourself download: Appcake and Starfiles

Appcake Source:

Search Google: <App/Game Name> + “Appcake”

Starfiles source:

Go to the link according to the syntax:

You can use this tool to find “BundleID”: Bundle Id Finder

For example:

App copyright: nPlayer Plus

Google: “nPlayer Plus Appcake” will result:

Game copyright: Minecraft PE

Google: “Minecraft PE Appcake” will result:

Game Apple Arcade: World of Demons

Google: “World of Demons Appcake”