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how to flash stockrom lg

guide flash stockrom lg

I.The method used KDZ_FW_UPD

Step 1: Download ROM want up.
Step 2: Check your computer for full driver or not?
Check your phone is connected to a computer or not? Review the wire connected to the computer.
See how much battery life? Should the battery> 50% and make up to ensure safety
Step 3: After you have carried out the basic checks you return the computer to carry out regime Download Mode: Depending on the series will be the placing of different modes, for the low-life models LG G2 common than is ceased and then press the 2 key machine Volume (+ and -), then plug the USB cable, or with the machine, simply press the cable plug at the same time volume controls; just use this not then switch to another. (Only LTE3 F260, then press and hold the Volume + and the Function key and plug the cable.) For the line LG G2, G3, G4, it must also ceased engine, then press and hold down the Volume + and cable plugs

It appears :


Or like this for G2 G3 G4 line ….


Step 4: You unzip and open the folder on the run downloaded Flash Tool KDZ_FW_UPD.exe
Step 5: You do the following: (Figure below)
1 In the Type select 3GQCT
2 – PhoneMode select EMERGENCY (If download mode) select DIAG (If so the machine opens)
3 – KDZ file path to the file select KDZ (No DC KDZ file renaming at download)
4 – Press Launch software update
See Figure below


waiting run 100% . ok done.

II. Methods used up Rom FlashTool

1. Download Mode (as instructed above) or phone to open source and select the mode cable plugged LG Software.
2. Open the folder FlashTool, run UpTestEX.exe file, with Win 7 to run with Admin rights to this brand you choose 3GQCT qua.Tai. If you leave the phone open, then select DIAG Phone Mode, the phone gave it to the Emergency Mode veDownload. CS_Emergency mode is also used to be common to the two modes. Rom KDZ selected and then click the Web Normal upgrade test


in here, click to Start Upgrade


Wait a while, it will show up the “Select Country and languge”, just select the Language and press ok

* There will be a number of incidents occurred during KDZ
– Running 2% or 15%, the error
– Low battery error —> charge the battery up more than 50% take up rom

you can down load lg stockrom in here

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