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1. The necessary software :

download in here : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2192467

DROID_RAZR_Utility_Jellybean_XT912_Win Marlin: this is a synthesis tool almost everything you needed for the root, install recovery, following Uprom

on Windows

1: unzip the installation package download, install them in the folder Driver [Windows only] and select the correct version 32 or 64bit operating system your
2: WindowsUtility.bat file to run the program

Mac & Linux

step 1: unzip somewhere
Step 2: Open Terminal
Sudo superuser permission request
move to the folder you unzipped (using the cd command) and type


chmod +x ./LinuxMacUtility.sh

bash ./LinuxMacUtility.sh

function DROID RAZR Utility tool Jellybean XT912:

Option 1: The original Flash ROM 4.1.2 (Wipe Data)
Option 2: The original Flash ROM 4.1.2 (No Data Wipe)
Option 3: Root Motorola Droid RAZR / RAZR Maxx use Rarz Blade Root Exploit
Option 4: Install the recovery by using the tool Safestrap 3 App by hashCode. (Allows installing multiple parallel rom onto the original rom, ensuring safety for the original

2. Root

– Install driver, make sure the machine is turned on USB debugging mode (if not already enabled, go to Settings / consecutive click Version Info about 5-7 times what was to enable Developer mode, go to Settings / Developer Options, and check the Enable USB debugging)
– Connect your phone to the computer
– Pending receipt of all drivers are running in the Utility (for Windows WindowsUtility.bat, LinuxMacUtility.sh for Mac Linux offline)
– Select option 3, enter and enjoy sitting alone, lost 3p range and continuous reboot should you keep your cool 🙂

3. Recovery

3-1. Install the APK file, grant it superuser
3-2. Press the Install button Recovery, let it run until it is listed as Installed status line is finished

4. flash Rom

1: shutdown, into fastboot mode by keystrokes + Vol Down Vol Up & Power
2: it pops up a list, press the Volume Down to move the item to the AP fashboot, press Volume Up to select
3: you simply need to connect the machine to a computer, awaiting identification of all drivers, running up and chose Utility 1 or 2, (delete or not delete data)

tutorials video : 

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