How To Update stockrom for Samsung Galaxy Pocket 2 Duos

guide Update stockrom for Samsung Galaxy Pocket 2 Duos

This Software update Guide can be used to update the firmware version of all Samsung Galaxy Pocket 2 Duos Models, SM-G110B, SM-G110H, And SM-G110M.

The only thing that you should take care of is using the suitable firmware package for each model, That means do not use Samsung SM-G110M firmware files to update or flash the Samsung SM-G110H or SM-G110B models, And vice versa.

How To Prepare The Samsung Galaxy Pocket 2 Duos for The Update:

– Make sure that the device battery has at least 90% of charging level.

– Backup any wanted data you have saved on your Samsung mobile.

– Check the installed firmware version on your mobile, And write it down.

– Remove any existed SIM or Memory cards from your device.

– It is better to Factory Reset your mobile before the update.

How To Prepare the needed Tools and Files:

– Use stable computer to perform the update process.

– Use a high quality USB cable to connect your mobile to computer.

– Download Samsung Galaxy Pocket 2 Duos USB Driver, And install it on your computer.

– Restart your computer after installing the USB Driver.

– Download Odin3 flasher, And extract it on your computer desktop.

– Download The wanted Firmware Package ( G110B | G110H | G110M ) which you want to install on your Samsung Smartphone.

– Extract the downloaded firmware package.

How To Run Odin3 Flasher and Select the Firmware Files and Settings:

– Select Odin3.exe program, And run it as Administrator.

– These settings must be checked: Auto Reboot, F. Reset Time

– If you want to flash PIT file, Then check Re-Partition, Otherwise leave it unchecked.

– In case you have one file firmware package, Then Click on AP button and select the file.

– In case you have full firmware package ( Bootloader + AP + CP + CSC files):

– Click on PIT button and select: POCKET23G_EUR_OPEN.pit
– Click on BL button and select: BL_G110Bxxxxxxxx_…_user_low_ship.tar
– Click on AP button and select: AP_G110Bxxxxxxxx_…_REV04_user_low_ship.tar
– Click on CP button and select: CP_G110Bxxxxxxxx_…_REV04_user_low_ship.tar
– Click on CSC button and select: CSC_xxx_G110Bxxxxxxxx_…REV04_user_low_ship.tar

How To Update The Samsung Galaxy Pocket 2 Duos :

– Turn off your Galaxy Pocket 2 Duos.

– Put the Smartphone into Download Mode.

– Connect it to your computer using the USB cable.

– Wait until Windows detects the device and install the needed USB Driver.

– When Odin3 program detects the COM port number of the connected device, Then it is Ready.

– Click on Start button.

– Odin3 program will start installing the new firmware on your Galaxy Pocket 2 Duos.

– Do not ever try to disconnect the USB cable from the device or computer during the update.

– Odin3 program will install the new firmware on your Smartphone, And then reboot it automatically.

– Wait until you see PASS! Word on Odin3 program.

– Disconnect your device.

– Apply the wanted settings.

– Check the new installed firmware.

– Done.

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