World of Cubes for Android – World’s best Minecraft game builder

Introducing Game: World of Cubes for Android – World’s best Minecraft game builder

Release date: Solverlabs Limited
Usage: Free
Requirements: Android 4.0 and above

* World of Cubes is the world’s best free-to-play square-building game. You will be built with thousands of random players or friends around the world, playing on random maps with unlimited creativity.

* In this playground, you will have the opportunity to explore the cubic worlds created by other players in Multiplayer mode – Simulator. Upload your own maps from Singleplayer mode to Online Multiplayer servers to play with others.

* Build anything from single blocks or play with others in Online Multiplayer mode – Simulator. Protect your own online works with passwords that only you and people you know can access.

* Highlights of World of Cubes for Android

– Game offline offline in the world of unlimited shapes, allowing to build, build, explore, grow ….

– Online creation mode or online modes for building, exploring and creating multiple people.

– Color-coded chat feature built into the game.

– Parents can set a password to protect children in Global chats. Disable chat features for young children.

– 1000 users have created a lot of maps you discover in Creative Online Simulator.

– Over 160 skins in 7 themed skins, including: Future, Monsters, Animation, Sports and more.

– More than 20 powerful servers ready for you to start playing and exploring.

– 4 different shape packs for you to choose.

– No registration required or additional fees for playing games.

Download Game: World of Cubes for Android – World’s best Minecraft game builder

You can download this game on Google store with keyword: World of Cubes

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